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Our family enjoys the unspoiled countryside and peacefulness that surrounds our lovely cottages and home. A majestic mixture of mature trees surrounds these quiet and relaxing cottages. Maples, cedar and balsam firs just to name a few. We never have any trouble finding Christmas trees. If you are a bird watching enthusiast do we have the place for you. I have just started bird watching and they never fail to amaze me. Some of the ones I recognize are chickadees, finches, pileated woodpecker, hairy woodpecker, sparrows, blue jays, cardinals, bald eagle, hawks and lots of humming birds. I don’t care for the hawks or bald eagles because they are usually after my squirrels or morning doves. I guess that is all part of nature. I love the sense of contentment sitting on the porch watching all the different birds at the feeders. I have bought some books to help with the identification of all the different species. I can see that it will become a great source of relaxation for me. We also have a variety of small animals that make their home with us. The kids love feeding the bunnies carrots and lettuce. The bunnies usually can be found in the clover (Randy calls it a lawn) early morning or early evening. Sometimes they are in my flowerbeds. I had to move my lilies to higher ground. The squirrels are usually hanging out at the bird feeders but I don’t mind they have to eat too. I used to name the squirrels and teach them to take peanuts out of my hand. As their lifespan isn’t very long in the wild I stopped with the names because I got too attached to them. We hope that you enjoy our little critters and our little slice of heaven as much as our family does. We look forward to meeting you.